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Chalcot Square
Chalcot Square


Primrose Hill is regarded as one of the most beautiful viewpoints in North London. Not just because of it's almost 360° degree viewpoint over the city of because of the scale of panorama it offers, But because when you find yourself at its summit it's a view that takes the "Urban-ness" out of London. For although London has become more developed, Primrose Hill, set in the middle of its park grounds, preserves itself as a capsule of London 100 years ago.


It's also a place where people find solitude to be alone with their thoughts and it has a quality of silence found nowhere else in the capital. During the summer months the banks of the hill become populated with families and young people who take out picnics to enjoy the open space and the glorious views over the capital city. Furthermore, with the tropical birds of London's famous Zoo filling the air with their songs, it is a truly unique viewpoint with a truly unique backdrop.

        Regents Park Village (Primrose Hill Village)          

Locked away in a zone all by itself, due that the village backs onto the main railway line on one side, and the canal blocking cars transiting through, the area is cut off from the noise of traffic, and is only 5 minutes walk from Camden's Stables Market. Here you can find another unique village atmosphere uniquely chic yet relaxed. Sip a cup of Tea while you watch the world go by, see every breed of dog inhabiting London, mix with actors, directors, models and rockers.

Or why not enjoy a pub lunch  after which you can quietly browse the boutiques, bookshop, delis and even cast your eye on the local properties available to buy in the estate agents windows. Primrose Hill is undoubtedly another gem in NW3 and a place where you can really feel what it is like to be a Londoner.