One of the best things about London is that its transportation system and transportation links to the rest of the world are unparalleled. When you first arrive in London no matter how you get here there are many fast, simple & comfortable ways to get to Belsize Park London NW3.

From Heathrow Airport

Take the express train to Paddington Station from there you can get in a cab to Belsize Park. This journey should be approximately £12 from Paddington.

Alternately you can enter the tube from Paddington, take any line that will intersect the Northern Line. You take the Northern Line "Edgeware bound" (it says it on the front of train and will be announced. Get off at Belsize Park.

You can also economise by getting the tube from Heathrow. You stay on the tube(Picadilly Line) until you intersect the Northern Line, Then when you change to the Northern Line you take the Edgeware bound train to Belsize Park. This journey however takes twice the amount of time.

You must get a private hire car from Heathrow if you want to come by car. The black cabs are only good for short journeys. A private hire should be £50 with tip and a black cab could be up to £80 so be warned!

From Stanstead Airport

From Stanstead you can take either a bus or train. We enjoy the Bus as it comes very close to our properties(Finchley Road) and from there we are a 3 minute cab ride(£6 approx). You must get on the bus that says "Golders Green".

It is easy to flag a taxi on Finchley road the side you disembark the bus as most the cabs are heading back into town empty.

A London cab(which is black) will have a light on if free. London cabs are a fantastic design so it is easy to get pushchairs and suitcases into them-you just roll on! Real London cabbies know every street in London so they should always have a good idea of where your going. They always know the back ways to so dont be alarmed if they take you down smaller streets to avoid traffic lights. You can also hail a cab going a different direction as the unique design of the axel of the vehicle meanc they can turn 180 in one manover. Download the app via the above link.

You can also get a train from Stanstead to Liverpool Street Station. From here you would get a taxi or the Tube.

For the tube you have to change twice and this can be awkward if you have heavy bags as there are a lot if steps. Nevertheless it is cheaper.

Its very easy to get a taxi cab from Liverpool Street Station to Belsize Park. The Journey should be no more than £20.

From Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is slightly further afield. We strongly recommend to take the Gatwick express to Victoria(Super fast, clean and comfortable). From Victoria station you can take a taxi cab. You can also get on the tube.

Taking the tube from Victoria take any north bound Victoria line train to Warren Street or Euston and change to the Northern Line. Take a north bound train again to Belsize Park(It will say Edgeware bound on front of train). Don't worry London underground is so well sign posted. Each tube platform and station has multiple maps. If in doubt ask a local.

Please ask us to hire you a private car if you wish to come by car. we can either arrange it for you or recommend a company to do so.

From Kings Cross St.Pancras

Kings Cross/St.Pancras for domestic and Eurostar travellers is very close to us. It is only three stops by tube. Take the Northern Line going North(Edgeware Branch) get off at Belsize Park.

You can easily hail a Black Cab from Kings Cross/ St.Pancras. The journey should be roughly £10.

From Belsize Park Tube

From the tube you exit onto the main Haverstock Hill. Cross this road infront of you. Walk up the incline for a very short distance. The entrance to Howitt Road is between Perkins Dry Cleaners and Marie Curie Shop. Go straight down this street until you reach the property on the right.

For Suite No 7 arrivals from Belsize Park Tube

Walk down the hill outside the tube(Haverstock Hill). On the corner with Hadleigh Estate Agents(where the shops end) turn right into Belsize Grove. Go straight down this street to the very end. You will reach Belsize Park Gardens(a very pretty street with tall Victorian stucco fronted houses). Turn left. Then take the first turn on your right into Lambolle Place. You will reach your destination on this street. Its a ten minute walk from the tube.

Suite No 7 visitors also have the added advantage of being in close proximity to the Jubilee line at Swiss Cottage.  Plan any of your London journeys on TFLs website-you may need a destination post code(zip code) to enter.

Please inquire for further details and have a safe and pleasant  journey.